You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone regarding your relationship with the Almighty. He knows and that’s enough. - Mufti Ismail Menk (via islamicrays)

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When people talk about how many calories were in the food they just ate


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Maybe god pulled you out of my life because he knows I deserve better. - (via sarahhswritings)
Just because they cross your mind often, doesn’t mean that you want them back in your life, this is what life gives you, memories, and you have to get along. - (via sarahhswritings)
You gain wisdom when you lose, and you start to really know what is worthy. - (via sarahhswritings)
I’m not sure if the heavy feeling in my heart is a part of me missing you, or it’s my whole self regretting you. - (via sarahhswritings)
There’s the days you want, and there’s the days that does not want you. - (via lieandsneak)

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Know that I love you,
more than anyone in this world.
know that I miss you like
I’ve never missed anyone before.
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في كل الاشخاص هناك اجزاء لا تعرفها عنهم, اجزاء لا يجب ان تعرفها, تمامًا كالتي تبذل قصارى جهدك في اخفائها عن الآخرين, فلا تأخذ اكثر ممّا تُعطى - (via sarahhswritings)
You used to be on the top of my list, now you’re not even in it. The only name that matters now is mine. The day you decided to give me up, I had to take care of myself, first to get rid of your pieces, second to love myself enough to know my worth, last to never continue a list that my name is not on top of it. - (via sarahhswritings)
You opened something in me, and I’m grateful for that, I just wish that you closed the door when you decided to leave, because it’s so cold now and I’m freezing . - (via sarahhswritings)

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I know I’m not much, and I know that I wasn’t good enough for you, but thats not my fault, not yours either, and honestly.. I wanted to give you the world, I wanted you happy, and I don’t blame you for leaving, I don’t, I blame you for staying for so long that it made me think that you’d never leave. - (via sarahhswritings)